Oil and Gas

oil gasDependable, durable Cummins diesel and natural gas engines are becoming a bigger part of this business, every day. Whether you are drilling, producing or servicing, we have the power, filtration, emissions technology plus parts and service support to meet your every need.Download our global product guide for full details. 

Drilling - Cummins supplies power for all your drilling needs, from on and offshore drilling power modules, onshore mechanical applications as well as loose engines for customized drilling, hoisting and pumping applications. Ratings range from 185-2700 horsepower.

Well Servicing - To meet the severe challenges of blending, cementing, fracturing and acidizing applications, you need the power density, durability and reliability of Cummins power. In addition to our standard ratings, we offer specialized aggressive ratings on many engine models.

Transmissions - The QTR Series Transmissions are the first application-specific transmissions, designed for the well-servicing market, to provide superior performance and durability in the high-demand pressure pumping industry.

Gas Compression - Over 50 years of experience and development goes into every Cummins natural gas engine. The result is superior uptime, durability and performance in compression, generator and pump drivers. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged natural gas engines with and without catalysts are available across a wide range of ratings.

Oil and Gas Center of Excellence - The Cummins Oil and Gas Center of Excellence serves the distinct needs of our oil and gas customers, delivering complete solutions that include customized, integrated power packages designed to meet your requirements.

Power Units - Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of power units. Whether you're operating a mud pump or a mechanical drill, Cummins delivers the power density you need to get the job done. Our extensive line-up lets you achieve lower life-cycle costs regardless of whether you choose diesel, gasoline or an alternative fuel. Ratings range from 32-1500 hp.

Generator Sets - We also manufacture complete generator sets, which include power units with sophisticated electronic controls. Cummins high-speed gensets are lighter, smaller and more fuel-efficient than competitors' medium speed gensets with an engine life of 20,000-25,000 hours. Standby power ratings go up to 2700 kW, with up to 2435 kW in prime power applications.

For additional information about Cummins products, parts and support for the oil and gas industry please visit  http://cumminsengines.com/oil-and-gas