FLEETGUARD LOGOThe Fleetguard brand represents more than just oil filters. From the air intake system to the exhaust system, award-winning Fleetguard products and technology protect engines and the environment.

“UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC offers a full line of air, lube, fuel, water and hydraulic filters, exhaust systems and accessories, crankcase ventilation systems, coolants, and fuel and cooling system additives, our customers depend on Fleetguard quality to keep engines running better, cleaner and longer
As a wholly owned business unit of Cummins Inc., Cummins Filtration - Fleetguard provides a unique competitive advantage for our customers. The dynamic synergy that exists among all Cummins global businesses ensures that our customers receive the most advanced technology, best sourcing and optimal delivery capabilities to meet their specific needs. Fleetguard® brand of filtration, coolant and chemical products, we cover the widest scope of engine applications on the market, including:


  • On-highway Heavy/Medium Duty Truck
  • On-highway Bus
  • Open Pit and Underground Mining
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Construction/Light Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Light Duty Automotive
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial
  • Locomotive


“UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC  team of dedicated employees are able to serve our customers efficiently and effectively in their unique markets.
For more information or to obtain a quote for Fleetguard Filters, please contact Fleetguard Sales at “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC, +994 12 4474055
For more information on Cummins Filtration Products, please visit www.cumminsfiltration.com