Generator Service

generator-serviceYour generator set protects your business from costly, even dangerous downtime. Prevent downtime and protect your business through the “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC service.
Our comprehensive planned maintenance packages are tailored to your needs and equipment. It's proven that consistent maintenance increases equipment reliability. “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC preventive maintenance programs offer you peace of mind that your backup power system will be there when you need it.


Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive premium service for your generator set throughout its life. “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC has a staff of highly skilled, factory–trained power generation technicians ready to service your generator. Our technicians are all extensively trained to deliver optimal solutions for speed, quality of service and support on every job, large or small.

Any Make, Any Model 

No matter what you’re running, “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC will protect it, regardless of who manufactured it. We service ALL generator brands, makes and models.

Emergency Service 24/7

We offer emergency generator service 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Planned Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the ONLY way to ensure that your generator will perform when you need it. At “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC, our trained service technicians maintain generators... giving you peace of mind that when your system needs to perform, it will... EVERY TIME. Planned Maintenance Agreements is a partnership with “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC to protect the life of your generator through scheduled maintenance, inspections and service of your generator set and related sub-systems. Having a Planned Maintenance Agreements contract in place will save your facility time and money, while giving you peace of mind that your equipment will perform when you need it.

To schedule service, contact the service representative at “UDT-TEXNIKA” MMC, +994 12 4474055